I’m Anna Gradie, and I am a confidence coach

Using my science-based Confidence Coaching Method, you will 10X your confidence, accelerate performance, and build stronger relationships.

I was the Co-Founder/COO of a successful multi-million-dollar tech company. And an extreme introvert. I understand how it feels to be an emotionally-sensitive person in a leadership role where you have to make tough decisions.

Confidence is a skill you can build using science-based tools. It is your willingness to try.

What would be possible in your life if you had more confidence?

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Multi-certified professional coach

Confidence is multi-faceted, people are unique. I bring a robust toolbox of confidence coaching methods to help you take flight!

Associate Certified Coach
Certified Co-Active Professional Coach
EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 Certified
Certified Positive Intelligence Coach