How would your life be different if you loved yourself? This is the question I will explore with you as part of your journey to gain clarity, find self-acceptance, and build confidence.

Confidence is a powerful force that enables you to experience more joy, pursue your dreams, and live a more fulfilling life. When confident, you can show up as the best version of yourself for yourself, your family, and your community.

My Past

In 2010, I co-founded and scaled a tech start-up into a multi-million-dollar company. It wasn’t easy, but I balanced my demanding role of COO with motherhood and often brought my babies to work.

About three years ago, I was blindsided by a very painful divorce and made the difficult decision to leave my software company.

My Journey

Coaching saved my life, both personally and professionally. Since my painful shyness as a child, I have always struggled with confidence and a very harsh inner critic that kept me firmly in my comfort zone. In a world that celebrates extraversion, I kept trying to overcome my introversion.

With the support of my coach, I rebuilt my life, found my confidence, and learned to finally love who I am. I got certified in a robust set of coaching tools and started my own coaching company. My science-based coaching method was developed from the lessons I learned and from the incredible women I’ve coached.

“When I start my day by doing the Grouse Grind mountain hike, I can tackle anything life throws at me!”

My vision for women in tech

Women are still massively underrepresented in the tech industry. In eleven years of rapid revenue growth, only 15% of the software developers hired by my former company were female. As a result, the data that goes into AI and machine learning is heavily biased and lacks the same diversity as our world, which has serious safety and health implications for all of us.

My purpose is to help close the gender confidence gap and to accelerate equality in the tech industry through coaching. I bring knowledge, expertise, and an intimate understanding of what it takes to navigate such a male-dominated industry successfully.

And like all of us, I’m trying to balance it all…

I’m also a proud single mom to two amazing young kids who loves hiking, skiing, and dancing in the kitchen with the kids while making dinner. While I don’t have the best dance moves, I love to move my body and hear my children giggle.


It’s time for you to rise up, spread your wings. Find out how you can take flight by building your confidence, finding your voice, and leading with compassion and empathy.