Client Testimonials

These clients found their voice, overcame their self-limiting beliefs, learned how to set boundaries, developed their Emotional Intelligence and tamed their inner critic.

I felt so low when we first met. I had no confidence at work. These 12 sessions have given me much more confidence. I feel more inclined to set work boundaries, to request vacation time to spend with my family, to be honest with those around me. I AM a capable and able engineer. Thank you for allowing such a safe space for me as I navigated a sensitive time in my life.


[Our sessions] reminded me of skills and personality traits I had forgotten about myself. It made me vocalize them and write them down in a way I hadn’t before. I looked forward to revelations I would have from each session and how that would play out in my day to day life. Your sessions made me confident in my individuality again.


I felt a significant shift after just one coaching session with Anna. She has an incredibly uplifting, non-judgemental, and supportive presence. Afterwards, I felt motivated and encouraged to take action on the strategies we came up with.


After completing your Positive Intelligence Bootcamp, I feel a lot more confident and like I have the tools to overcome most hurdles. I’m able to see the gifts in difficult situations. For example, my boss quitting has opened up an opportunity for me to grow as a leader and apply for her job.