The 5 Steps to inner confidence

There are five steps in my science-based confidence coaching method

1. Increase self-awareness

Confidence building starts with self-awareness. By exploring your core values, strengths, inner wisdom, and purpose in life, you will gain more clarity about who you are, what is important to you, and where you are going in life.

2. Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

The EQ assessment and report give you a snapshot into your current level of emotional and social functioning. By focusing on actionable strategies to grow the different EQ competencies, you will gain more confidence in emotional perception & expression, interpersonal skills, decision-making and stress management.

3. Tame your inner critic

Learn how to weaken your saboteurs and to strengthen your intuition using the science-based principles of Positive Intelligence. Which saboteurs are the strongest in you – avoider, controller, hyper-achiever, hyper-rational, hyper-achiever, pleaser, restless,stickler or victim? Stop getting in your own way with your negative inner dialogue.

4. Cultivate self-compassion

Why are you so hard on yourself? You would never treat a good friend this way. By being kind to yourself when you mess up, you can give yourself a powerful emotional safety net. Self-compassion helps you bounce back from setbacks quicker, which builds your confidence to keep going.

5. Set stretch goals/fail fast

Start a fitness plan to feel more comfortable in your own skin, or join Toastmasters to conquer your fear of public speaking. Stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things is a powerful way to build your confidence. Get busy failing in small ways to stop ruminating on your shortcomings. Take actions instead of overthinking.