Improve your Leadership Skills …

Develop your Emotional Intelligence

Show your team how Emotional Intelligence can be developed to boost their leadership skills with my interactive virtual or in-person workshop.

Unlike IQ which is fixed, EQ can be developed and honed over time. We look at 15 EQ competencies, all of which can be improved with practice.

  • Build your confidence by focusing on your strengths and learning new skills.
  • Balance assertiveness and empathy for more effective communication.
  • Learn how greater emotional self-awareness will help with problem-solving.

Using real-life examples, a sample EQ assessment report, thought-provoking discussion questions, and a science-based app, your team will have the tools to build their Emotional Intelligence to thrive as leaders at work and at home.

Stop Sabotaging Yourself…

Harness the Science of Positive Intelligence

Show your team how to stop getting in their own way and to tame their inner critic with my interactive virtual or in-person workshop.

Positive Intelligence is the extent to which your brain serves you versus sabotages you.

  • Learn which saboteur is the strongest: the stickler, the pleaser, the victim, the restless, the avoider, the controller, the hyper-achiever, the hyper-vigilant, and the hyper-rational.
  • Boost your confidence by changing the way you speak to yourself.

Using real-life examples, the science-based Saboteur Assessment, thought-provoking discussion questions, and mindfulness techniques, your team will have the tools to stop judging themselves, people pleasing, avoiding conflict, trying to control everything, being perfectionists, and feeling anxious.

Boost your confidence…

Implement 3 Science-Based Strategies

Show your team how to boost their confidence with my interactive virtual or in-person workshop.

Confidence is a skill that you can build. It is the belief in your success that stimulates action – your willingness to try.

Learn how you can increase your confidence at any stage of your life by developing your Emotional Intelligence, weakening your saboteurs, and failing fast.

Using real-life examples, the latest research on confidence, thought-provoking discussion questions, mindfulness techniques and science-based assessments, your team will have confidence to step outside their comfort zones and to reach their full potential.

Design a life you love…

Learn to leverage your core values

Show your team how to live their lives in alignment with their core values.

Core values are non-negotiable values that are important to you. They are like guideposts to live your life by.

When you at a fork in the road, or need to make an important decision, it’s helpful to look to your core values to see if the decision is consistent with your values.

  • Learn how to uncover your core values and rate the extent to which you are living them in your life today.
  • Start prioritizing yourself and your happiness.
  • Commit to action steps that will bring your life into alignment with what matters to you the most.

Using real-life examples, visualization techniques, and practical exercises, your team will have the tools to reflect on their priorities and to design lives that they love.